As an independent expert in the field of sustainable energy, ventilation and cooling, we can call upon various suppliers of high-quality installations in different price ranges, which we select according to our customers and their specific needs.


Thercon is the specialist in the field of heat pumps, air conditioning, air purification and ventilation. Day after day, with the help of their high-quality installations, they provide hot water and a comfortable indoor climate in countless homes, offices, companies, shops and shopping centres, hotels and hospitals. Whether you are a private individual or a company, you are in the right place with a reliable installation from Thercon both for new construction projects and renovation projects. This partner is also working hard on new applications and accessories to optimise the installation and operation of its equipment and is investing heavily in sustainable, green energy.

ECR / Beijer Ref

Beijer Ref has been specialising in cooling technologies since 1960 under the wings of the Swedish parent company Beijer Ref AB. In addition to selling sustainable products, they are good at supervising industrial projects related to cooling technologies. They are also the world leader in the field of distribution of HVAC and cooling systems. They offer a vastly extensive product range and are always ready to provide our installers with technical support.


Berner is a recognised specialist in consumable materials and tools for the automotive and construction sectors. In particular, you will find in their range fixing materials, electrical components and accessories, building supplies and tools. This family business is hugely innovative and modern. Their motto is ‘be brave’ or dare to fail. It is only through that learning process that you can make a difference in the market and always give customers the best.


Rexel is a well-known wholesaler of electrical equipment and sustainable solutions for the residential, industrial and tertiary markets. As a resilient and responsible partner, they want to provide optimal support to all important players in the energy market. They not only offer a wide range of electrical tools, cables and lighting. As experts in their area of expertise, they also offer professional advice. Their personal approach makes them a unique and agreeable partner.

Air Trade Centre / Cairox

The Air Trade Center or Cairox Belgium is a leading supplier of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning products and also a reliable, accessible partner. This company offers total solutions for HVAC projects and support to professional installers who bring them to a successful completion. Their offering includes, in particular, heat pumps, ventilation grills, ventilation systems and air conditioning. This solution- and customer-oriented partner is happy to share its expertise in improvement of the indoor climate and always strives to achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor temperature and humidity in a safe way.

Van Oirschot

Van Oirschot is a family wholesaler in heating and installation equipment. This technical family business has been supplying sustainable products to professional installers since 1967, including ventilation and sanitary installations. They also offer their support in selecting the most energy-efficient solutions for heating and ventilation. This company has grown enormously with their customer base. They want to continue to innovate at all times, increase their expertise, deliver quality and, at the same time, remain accessible and close to their customers.


Heytec is an ambitious and reliable supplier for installers in cooling and air-conditioning technology. They have their own production department and an impressive stock of high-quality parts for cooling, air-conditioning and heat pumps. They are also very good at communicating and informing and they also offer a local and personal service to their customers. They not only want to be the best technical wholesaler in their sector, but also want to contribute to the success of the installer and make his work experience as comfortable as possible.

Thorough approach

We at Van Havere Projects always adopt a thorough approach for every project. Because we want our customers to have a good return on their investment. That is why we always approach our work systematically and well-prepared. We always look at the current situation and specific needs of our customers. That is why an initial inspection is very important.

Our working method

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