Living every day in good-quality air is essential for maintaining good health. Adequate ventilation ensures the continuous supply of fresh, new air and the removal of used air. This prevents the formation of mould and can reduce typical complaints such as headache and drowsiness. Van Havere Projects offers customised ventilation, with or without heat recovery.

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Reliable partner

We at Van Havere Projects always start from the customer’s request and look for the most suitable and cost-effective customised solution. Our projects are personally and expertly monitored by a project manager. This direct contact facilitates communication, leading to faster completion of projects.

For any size

We at Van Havere Projects enthusiastically roll up our sleeves for any project, large or small. From optimising the energy management or indoor climate of private homes, offering cooling and freezing solutions for shops and retail chains to the complete management of huge solar parks for industry.

8 years of experience

As a family business with more than 8 years of experience in cooling technologies, air conditioning, ventilation and solar panels, we can offer our customers a total solution based on their living or working situation, wishes and needs, for both new construction and renovation projects. We do this with the help of our own experts and reliable partners.

Importance of ventilation

Ventilation ensures the removal of used or exhaled air and the supply of new, fresh air. This is essential for your health and that of your home. It prevents mould and moisture problems and health complaints such as tiredness, drowsiness and headache. Using modern technologies, we can even set humidity and temperature in your home for an optimal, comfortable indoor climate, fully customised!

New EPB standard

Starting from 1 January, every new construction or renovation project requiring an urban planning certificate must comply with the minimum requirements for ventilation. This recognises the importance of a high-quality indoor climate for our health and that of our homes. The assessment service of Van Havere Projects is also familiar with acoustic criteria often prescribed for homes. With the help of measurements and accurate test reports, we can always offer the best solution.


We not only offer total solutions for private customers and industry. We are also happy to relieve our customers of their worries by offering them a suitable customised maintenance package. Whether it is a single ventilation unit in a private home or an entire apartment block, we will be happy to provide the maintenance you need. So that your installations will always be in perfect condition and you will never have to worry about your ventilation system. It will also save you a lot of repair costs.

Let us sit down together!

Does your indoor climate not offer you the comfort you deserve? Or are you looking for solutions to make your home cost-effective and more energy-efficient? Then make a non-binding appointment with us, share your wishes or concerns and we will be happy to support you with professional advice.

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