Charging stations

Giving your customers a guided tour of your showroom while they can charge their electric vehicle in the parking lot. It is an extra service that they will gratefully accept and that will give a boost to your business. Van Havere Projects takes care of the installation of sustainable AC charging stations, an investment that you will enjoy for a very long time.

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Reliable partner

We at Van Havere Projects always start from the customer’s request and look for the most suitable and cost-effective customised solution. Our projects are personally and expertly monitored by a project manager. This direct contact facilitates communication, leading to faster completion of projects.

For any size

We at Van Havere Projects enthusiastically roll up our sleeves for any project, large or small. From optimising the energy management or indoor climate of private homes, offering cooling and freezing solutions for shops and retail chains to the complete management of huge solar parks for industry.

8 years of experience

As a family business with more than 8 years of experience in cooling technologies, air conditioning, ventilation and solar panels, we can offer our customers a total solution based on their living or working situation, wishes and needs, for both new construction and renovation projects. We do this with the help of our own experts and reliable partners.

AC versus DC charging stations

Just as you have both direct current and alternating current, there are two types of charging stations. A direct-current charger or DC charger is also called a fast charger. We at Van Havere specialise in alternating-current chargers or AC chargers. These are the standard charging stations that are also the most advantageous. They also do not require an inverter and are suitable for all electric vehicles, including those unsuitable for fast charging.

Simple charging

One or several high-quality charging stations are a real convenience for charging your electric vehicle, at the office or on the road. You also do a great favour to yourself and your customers. We work with reliable partners and supply AC charging stations that are based on the latest technology and, therefore, very future-oriented. They are also exceptionally user-friendly.

Installation and aftercare

We at Van Havere Projects can assist you with professional installation of AC charging stations, but also with support and the software management and maintenance afterwards. Our electricians are certified and guarantee an excellent and fast service after installation.

Let us sit down together!

Would you like to purchase a personal AC charging station for your electric vehicle or one or more for your customers? We at Van Havere Projects can assist you with professional advice, the complete installation and maintenance of high-quality, user-friendly and affordable charging stations.

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