Thorough approach

We at Van Havere Projects always adopt a thorough approach for every project. Because we want our customers to have a good return on their investment. That is why we always approach our work systematically and well-prepared. We always look at the current situation and specific needs of our customers. That is why an initial inspection is very important.



Property survey

After an open discussion, we conduct a thorough on-site inspection, provide understanding of the situation and professional advice.

Quotation with technical details

You will receive from us a quotation tailored to your needs, including all technical details and materials.



Advance invoice

If our quotation is approved, you will receive from us an advance invoice and we will order the necessary materials.

Scheduling of your project within 6 weeks

Then we will schedule the project in specific details in consultation with the customer. The number of working days depends on the size of the project.


After this, we will seamlessly install everything using the agreed materials according to the schedule and as communicated to you in advance.

Quality & flexibility

Van Havere Projects guarantees excellent service with a personal approach and customer-focused advice. We stand for quality and flexibility. We work with high-quality equipment from reliable partners and are happy to offer solutions tailored to our customers.

Clear communication

In order to propose the best, most suitable installations, we must first get a good understanding of the existing facilities. Thanks to our clear, open and personal communication, you will always get a good idea of the nature and impact of the work and the value of our systems.



Provision of technical data

After the successful completion of the project, we will conduct an evaluation. We will provide you with all technical data of your installations and you will get full insight into the operation and maintenance of all systems.

Maintenance contract for all-inclusive service

Finally, you will have an option to engage us for the maintenance of your installations. We will also be happy to take care of inspection requests or registrations with grid operators, so that you can continue to enjoy the return on your investment without worries.

More than 8 years of experience

Van Havere Projects is a family business with more than 8 years of experience in the field of cooling, air conditioning and solar panels. We know our high-quality installations through and through and are always looking for the most cost-effective match between our products and our customers.

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