Natural energy

Natural energy is the future! It is inexhaustible and offers you great independence and freedom. Today, the sustainable, natural forms of energy are still an excellent investment. Ask us, without obligation, about the benefits for your home and your payback period!

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From apartments to solar panels

Van Havere Projects, as a family business, is known for its extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cooling, air conditioning and solar panels. We work for both private individuals and the industrial sector and enhance our excellent service with a personal approach and customer-focused advice. Van Havere Projects stands for quality and flexibility. We can offer customised solutions for our customers based on their needs and can coordinate projects, such as making entire apartment blocks ready for use, from start to finish.

Thorough approach

We at Van Havere Projects always adopt a thorough approach for every project. Because we want our customers to have a good return on their investment. That is why we always approach our work systematically and well-prepared. We always look at the current situation and specific needs of our customers. That is why an initial inspection is very important.

Our working method

Years of experience

Van Havere Projects is a family business with years of experience in cooling, air conditioning and solar panels. We know our products like no other and take great satisfaction in finding a good match between the needs of our customers and the most suitable installations.

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